Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Its all takin and no givin"

I never post about Dave because, well first of all what's to post........adults are fairly boring unless they are ex-cons or drug addicts. This photo is a tribute to Dave and his hard work all day every day. Exciting isn't it? As long as he enjoys his life of cables and electronics and such then that is all that matters. Ladies how would you like to dust all this crap??? Notice the piles of it on the plug part (look at me----too dumb to even know terminology). So I hope this photo is enjoyed by all for all of its many components. Today is our Anniversary and I dont do all the sappy post stuff because it makes me feel way lame. Plus to be honest I just barely remembered last night and I am waiting to see if Dave remembers sometime throughout the day. So I can be mad you ask???? Nope, no my thing and if we are being perfectly honest (which you all know I usually am) I am the one who usually forgets. I will forever not be a fan of forced days or times for expressing your feelings like Valentines, Teacher appreciation day, being asked to bear your testimony and so on. In fact I never dare say how many years we are celebrating because it seems to always fall one year short for Logans age so people always question whether we were married in the temple or not. I am learning this really cool way to remember called add one year to Logans upcoming age, as long as I can remember his age we should be good.


Susan Catmull said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm the one who always forgets ours too- must run in our genes or something. So do you at least get to go out to dinner or something? That's usually all I want is to get out of the house for a while without kids.

Nichole said...

You don't seriously dust those cables do you??? I NEVER get behind "Christian's" electronics! He is kind of obsessive about that stuff though so there is a good chance it is clean!!

If I forgot our Anniversary Christian would be so mad at me...he remembers our first date for heavens sake!! Of course we just celebrated our 4th anniversary so we have time to forget!!

Susan Catmull said...

April I double tag you. Check out my blog for the info.

Brian said...

I am fully envious of this picture actually. May I one day (Soon) have a similar setup. Happy Anniversary.

Julia said...

Happy Anniversary! What did you guys end up doing? Did Dave remember?

Ours is on the 19th, and I'm bettin' Matt forgets. There's more to that story, but he'd murder me if I told anyone. It has to do with forgetting, and it has to do with my recent 30th birthday.


That gives me an idea. I will blog about our upcoming anniversary, and tell him exactly what I want. Win, win, right?

Brian said...

I to am not a person for forced LOVE days. All I wanted for my b-day/ anniversary which is a week apart was for him to admit that my life and job sucks more than his. Check out the blog to see his comments. I guess it is good enough!!
p.s I think I would be more disturbed if you did actually know the names for all of those parts. I don't even know what that thing is at all.

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