Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ive been double tagged by Susan and it is a fun one so I will participate

I had to take pictures of things as they are at this moment.
1. closet

2. Laundry Room
3. Refridgerator

4. Sink ( I was so tempted to clean this first)
5.Favorite room (I have 2 for very different reasons)

6. What my kids are doing right now
This is Ella right now plus #7. which is a picture of your toilet..
8. Dream Vacation.......I would love to go on a jungle safari

9. Favorite for winter one for summer although I should admit I wear them both in winter.

10. Self portrait. I took a picture of me and then one of Nellie and hers looked betterNow the second part of the tag is to name 6 quirks about you. (must we limit to 6)
1. I hate crumbs and have what some might call a phobia
2. I hate seeing chewed gum and have what some may call a phobia
3. I hate miracle whip or mayo to get on my hands or squish from my sandwich.....I gagged just writing that (Chad can attest to the barfing)
4. I would prefer to do any form of yard work over taking care of children and with the amount of children at my house sometimes that may surprise some except they are usually playing by themselves while I am out mowing or weeding or some other form of fulfilling work
5. I love animals but hate hair and fur (how does this work)
6. I think needles are really cool to watch draw blood (this will be another area where I think Julia will choose not to be my friend with my teeth pulling and not so much zit popping but sunburn peeling for sure)
So I dont do tags but i will play here. I wont care if you opt out. Lisa, Karen, Julia, Angi, and Erin.


Susan Catmull said...

Love the toilet photo. LOL

Julia said...

Silly April, the teeth pulling would never sway me from being your friend. Rather, it makes me revere you! It's just one of those things that Matt will have to take care of in this casa.

That said, I'm sooo glad I was wrong on the zit popping!

I don't think I have ever been tagged before, so let's see if I can manage to take and upload pictures before The Second Coming...Luckily, I stayed up really late cleaning last night.

Chad, if you read this, do tell us about the mayo induced barfing episode.

Susan Catmull said...

April did you notice how your bedspread matches your downstairs walls.

Brian said...

I will do my best to do the tag. I don't know how to do more than comment on this $%#^ (this is for the "D" word it is still a little early and my swearing hasn't gone away completely yet.)computer, but maybe Brian will teach me. It would be fun. The only thing I can guarantee is that my sink will most likely be empty. We can say that is one of my quirks. Other than than my pics all might be disaster areas.

Heather said...

Love the potty picture. Your house is always so clean.

Mom and Dad said...

Ella must not have inherited the super-modesty gene from her grandpa. Of course, neither did Heidi. Anyway, I can't imagine having things so together that I would consider it "fun" to show people the things I pray they'll never discover in my house.

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