Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Son I've made a life outta readin' peoples faces......

Who doesn't love a little Kenny??? Pre-face reconstruction I mean............does anyone recognize his mug anymore? He and Dolly could meet every year and they'd be seeing someone new each time. I do wonder how far back do people let their hairlines get before they realize these face lifts are not making them look any younger any more??? When your hair starts mid- skull.....c'mon theres something a wry!!!!

Logan is teaching Sam and Ella a little card game most like to call "War"
Sam uses it to insult others as you see him call Ella "stupid" in this little diddy. (what a sweetie pie) Notice Ella looks at me for reprimand but I couldn't ruin the video by being a good parent.
The ending of this little game is that Sam "beat Logan and Ella" (his words). He is the only person Logan doesn't mind getting beat by.


Heather said...

Go Sam! Little cutie. I love the "stupid" comment (I didn't know Sam had that in him) and Ella's reaction. Just classic!

Chad said...

I loved war as a kid, now I hate it. I get 10 points by the way.

Brian said...

We don't say "stupid". Brin/Ash

Mom and Dad said...

Thanks for a glimpse of three of my favorite people in the world. Last time I believe Sam said, "I beat you up" when he won. Cute!

Brian said...

I judge not your child nor your parenting on things kids say. Ashlyn has now told a baby "just keep the freakin' binkie in your mouth" I mean really "we don't say that word" for hells sake. I guess we don't say that word for that matter either.
Love your swearing friend who cant seem to control herself anymore

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