Saturday, July 5, 2008

Don't you know you'd better run run run run run run run......

The HostPyrotechnic crew member "Lazy Eyes"
Pyrotechnic crew member "The Agitator"
Pyrotechnic crew member "POOFY"
Thanks to the group who provided a half an hours worth of firebug friendly entertainment. It was nice not to be the one to get minor burns for a change. My favorite part was when I forgot to inform Kerry that I didnt just hand him a smoke bomb and that it wasn't a good idea to hold a crackly bomb in your hand. OOOPs!!! My bad!!! Whats the 4th of July without burnt fingertips right? Who says legal fireworks can't be equally dangerous and fun??


The Royals said...

I like your fireworks slideshow!

Aimee said...
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Julia said...

Lucky ducks. You go to jail if you do any fireworks in Reno. Even lame sparklers.

-Jealous in the Desert

Brian said...

I love the pics of the kids holding the sparklers. They are cute.

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