Tuesday, July 1, 2008

And If God would send his Angels.....

So, we tended for Matt and Angi for a few days while they went on a cruise and this is how excited Atti was about it. Jamin was so thrilled he slept for 2 of the days. Chipper seemed the least phased.
Nellies new Baby Axel doing "The Good"

"The BAD""The UGLY"
unfortunately this is how he is unless you stand on your head to entertain him
Nellie is a bit concerned
Finlay apparently gets bored waiting for "potty" to come.
Notice how strategically placed the pee cup is in the photo.
Good for you creator of this little potty seat.
You deserve one of those Budweiser songs dedicated just to you from camera toting moms.Ten points if you know the lyrics artist


Aimee said...

Poor child. Please don't ever let him know you posted a picture of him on the pot for all to see. Isn't that internet porn? The 18th works for us for the BBQ. Do you think anyone will be uncomfortable if I bring Jeremy Johnson?

Hendricksonblog said...

All parts are amply concealed.

Heather said...


Love the potty picture.

Brian said...

Love the pictures of the screaming child. Tell your sis at least she only has one!! Things could always be worse. And that I feel her pain.

Best Song lyrics ever