Sunday, July 20, 2008

Not the Queen, not a Duke, not a Prince.

Here goes nothin'. I begin Samuels potty training tomorrow and lets hope for the best. Logan and Ella took only about 4 hours with a few bowel issues for Logan for a couple of days but part of that was probably my own issues since I had never potty trained before him. Let's be honest here, I don't always make it there in time either (:
I use an ancient book called "Toilet training in less than a day" Anyone with struggles should give this method a try. I have been successful so far and I follow it to a "T". I am prepared with the doll that pee's the snacks and drinks, the wet wipes, the cute little undies and a willing participant named Sam----uuuuueel........
I might feel sad that my baby will no longer be babyish in anyway but the constant bump, bump, under my shirt reminds me all too often that we will only be babyless a few short months and we go my mom did 8 I have yet to figure out.
Hopefully this post will not JINX my efforts. Now my first task is to pawn off the other 2 kids so we have no distractions.
Soon to return with a picture of a really cute tush in itty bitty underwear.


Chris and Erin said...

I am dying to know how that works. I have been putting it off with Thomas. I don't really know how to start and I am worried about accidents in the car and what not for the next few months. I will definitely stay tuned, good luck with Samuel.

Mom and Dad said...

He's such a smartie, I'm sure he'll do great. I can't imagine he could be any cuter in big boy undewear, but he keeps surprising me.

Angie Pangie said...

April you are the coolest mom in the world!!!

The Wingwah's said...

Why do I get the closet-pooers?

The Royals said...

My sis in law used that book for her 2 1/2 year old and it seemed to work.

Best Song lyrics ever