Monday, June 16, 2008

She was afraid to come out of the locker..........

I thought to complain about how hot it is because my grass is a little unhappy but then I remembered complaining about it not being hot, so I refrained. Has anyone else ever noticed that the last swimmers in the pool by a long shot are always girls? They don't seem to ever get and a few of my sisters are still this way. Although pool time is not as fun when you have the crappy task of making sure kids don't drown. I saved a kid the other day at swimming lessons and I thought his mom could have at least slipped me a $20 but no luck.........I do notice that she pays much better attention now so that is payment enough I guess.
I have this keen eye for the child that is calmly swimming underwater but really is drowning. Should have been a lifeguard I suppose!! Except they probably have to clean up floaters too......not so much a fan of that. Many people paid dearly last year for the opportunity to swim along side these little wonders. What us humans wont risk for a good time!!!!
To a better swimming year for all those that now weigh 25 lbs less than last year and paid a grave price to look better in a suit this year. Kudos!!!! I am a little jealous....masochistic I know.
P.S.-- Ella is in the back behind these two little orphan girls that just showed up on my doorstep.


Chad said...

Be careful, or you'll get floaters in your house. We had the priveledge of getting the pool pukes last year, but I didn't even get to drop 20 lbs for it.

Nichole said...

My sister-in-laws whole family had the runs for a week because of pool poo!! My mom told me that the father's day get together was a lot of fun...she said all the kids played in the pool! I wish we could have been there.

Brian said...

I would really watch out for all the orphan kids who just show up you never know where they have been. They do LOVE you guys though. If I am not careful they will never want to come home. (who am I kidding they all ready don't) I don't blame them though!!!
Love you guys more than you know!!

Chad said...

pssst, April, time for a new post... you are keeping me hanging..

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