Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Aaaaah Sexy Guuurlfriend!!!!!

I am proud of those who know the above Movie............its an easy one.
So in a six month time period my neighborhood welcomes at least 13 baby boys.
Yesterday I found out that I would have the lucky little girl that gets her pick of all these boys.........or gets picked on (either way). She is due in October so I am counting on some people to create her some friends in the 10 months that follow so she can go to school with at least a few girls.
Although I really enjoyed all of my boy variety friends much more. I seemed to relate better.
I am glad she's a girl but in all honesty I didn't care one way or the other. I think I'm better with boys though. No dance classes to attend (hopefully!!!)
After getting an ultrasound just 8 short months ago to see no heartbeat after 17 weeks of pregnancy your preferences become more simplified. A living baby with all the appropriate parts is all I wished for.
I have seen many people I know go through this loss over these last months. Some full term, some newly pregnant. I have gained a new understanding and heartfelt sympathy for all of these women, their husbands, their parents, and possibly some of their children. I definitely don't remember signing up for this part and I surely wouldn't sign up again. With that being said I feel like in the last 2 months I (finally) have healed emotionally from it. I will always have a very soft spot in my heart over such matters. I am very appreciative of all those people who gave me words of encouragement having come from a similar situation and those close friends who made me think my insanity was completely sane always(I look back now and realize sometimes it is helpful to lie to those you love in cases like these). Loss is an amazing thing, in good and bad ways but I know it takes you on the ride of your life.................I'd like to stay off that ride if no one minds!!!!...........and I like rides...........
I didn't think I could appreciate pregnancy more than I did with Samuel. I was wrong. It is still not my favorite state of being but I realize how fragile it is yet miraculous at the same time.
This has been and will continue to be my most anxious pregnancy. For those of you who know me better, you know added anxiety to this already anxious person is out right ridiculous!
But I am happy and appreciate the blessing of being able to become the mom to one more little girl. I am really trying to appreciate my kids in all of their moments (good, bad, ugly, poopy, barfy, sassy, angry, emotional, rebellious, etc..) so that when they all move out I might have less feelings of regret and shoulda, coulda spent more time enjoying them.
So I thought I would post this since I removed the baby ticker.................I found that baby kind of creepy. Maybe I will find one I like better somewhere else.
And get workin' on making her some guuuurlfriends to share all these cute little boys with.


Chris & Erin said...

Congragulations on your little girl. I totally agree about the miracle of pregnancy and healthy children. Best of luck!

Nichole said...

Yay for girls!! That is awesome...Even things out a little bit!

Aimee said...

As if I don't cry enough lately over baby/pregnancy stories! You have to add to it!? You are awesome and I never have thought of you as insane. Yay for girls! I am sure Ella will love having a little sister!

Susan Catmull said...

Sixteen Candles-
Just had to let those in on the humerous tile if they didn't already know. It will be amazing to see how fast your little girl will get to 16 too. My little baby girl is 10 and they just grow up way too fast. Your right to enjoy them while you can. I aspire to try and slow down and enjoy my kids if just for a few moments each day.

Jennie said...

Hey April thanks for getting me all teary eyed! I'm very happy for you. And wish you the best of luck!

I started a recipe blog I'd love you to add some recipes! Like the stawberry/banana salad that was spectacular! If you're interested I can add you on as an author. Let me know!

The Royals said...

Congrats on your little girl! It's a crazy year with babies in our ward, but I love it. I just love babies!

Fuchs Family said...

That was such a great post. You are such a strong person and I really admire that about you. Congratulations on your girl. If you need to send her my way, I sure can help with all the girlie things!

Brian said...

So it is my first time back on the computer and I thought I would stumble back to your blog. I read one story and I was going to cry. Now it made me feel better to see other's crying and it is just not my hormones. I know I am bad though at this point. But I am glad that you are having a girl. Maybe this will be your boylie girl! Here is for hoping for you.
Love ya

Amy said...

April I am so excited for you guys to have another sweet little girl. You honestly have the cutest kids so one more is even better. You truly are inspiring, words really don't put it how I want, but I look up to you for being able to have such an amazing attitude after such a hard trial. Here's to good things now, right? Hang in there!

Ashby Family said...

So, where have I been? A late congrats on a girl April. I guess I'd better get blog hopping more! Are you sure you're only having one?:) Glad thing are going well with this babe.

urlgurl said...

Here's to hoping that this little girl will scream less and softer than mine does! Congrats-very exciting news.

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