Thursday, May 22, 2008

I got tagged!! Susan Catmull

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1. I love Starbucks hot chocolate, almost obsessively right now. Now my kids love the Frappuccinos (oops). Have you seen the prices of these things?
2. I got hit by the mailman when I was about 8 and didn't tell anyone until about 15. The mailman tried to chase me down but I smoked him with my pedaling (out of sheer embarrassment)
3. I have an overwhelming fear of my kids getting kidnapped or getting bit by a shark!!!!
4. My sister used to tell me that she went to the moon every night in a cloud taxi and I could go with her if I could stay up late enough, I never could stay up as late as her apparently.
5. Despite my anxiety I really love forensic shows. (real and fake)
6. Once I stole my sister Amy's green sheet (newspaper) money to buy lots of candy and she lied and said I stole way more than I did so she didn't have to turn as much in to the company.
7. I hate fish but would be one just to be in the water 24/7. (water void of sharks of course)

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Fuchs Family said...

I didn't realize we had so much in common, I hate sharks too.

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