Sunday, May 25, 2008

Whats more american than BASEBALL!! I am I am I am

I decided to add a few more photos of Ellas Performance/Graduation. They wont all fit so I will have to do it in two posts. Its my own fault she went to 2 preschools (dont judge until you've had this whirlwind messy girl in your house all day)_Hannah in the Flesh..............Still can't not smile when I look at this one.

This was a surprise to us......we had no clue she had another solo plus I can't help but laugh at those chubby cheeks made to look chubbier than they really are. Or maybe her haircut makes them look less chubby...........anyway my mom thinks she has always looked like a little Dutch girl. We are not sure where these childhood cheeks have come from but we love them none the less.For some reason I think this picture of her resembles me. That is the first time in a few years I have thought she even resembled me........She looks just like Dave, minus the whiskers.
Sam preferred to play baseball with his pal to watching Graduation... (smart, smart boy)
This is Ella graduating from Miss Katies preschool. Although I'm not sure why they call her Miss since she is married and has four kids. She was sad to end this school and spent the whole rest of the day with Katie (who was nice enough to buy her a slushee and take her everywhere she went) She told me the next day that she wished she could start Kindergarten tomorrow. I dont think we will have any kicking and screaming with this one....


The Wingwah's said...

what's that cool teeter toter thingy in their backyard? Looks fun!

Brian said...

brinlie is still on the wait for the whole show! she is so excited. i just know she will want to watch it all day. gotta love the "miss" should make her or anyone feel young. maybe we should all refer to one another as miss april, miss lisa etc. that would be something.

Heather said...

Her dress is so cute - and so are her cheeks! We heard she was the star of the show and the cutest little Hannah ever!

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