Thursday, April 10, 2008


I have taken it upon myself to ask many little kids questions whenever they are at my house or Im at theirs or just in passing. Here are a few of my favorites....I will keep last names out to protect the privacy of their parents (you know who you are) oh yeah and the reason I do this??? to make myself feel better about my mistakes as a parent.

April: is Chloes (not my sisters chloe) mom ever mean and ornery?
Ella: she's mean to Chloe but always nice to me!!

April: Does your mom ever yell at you?
Chipper: Yes all the time and I have a dent on my head where she always hits me in the same spot. (sorry angi I couldnt resist)

Teacher: Talks about getting married in the temple
B?: My mom and Dad didnt get married in the temple they got married in our house and then they took off all of their clothes..............(this comment has many falsehoods but funny just the same)

April: Is your dad nice?
Ethan: To me, but sometimes he talks mean to my mom and then my mom talks back!!

April: Is Lisa ever mean or ornery?
Ella: No, They are like the nicest mom and dad I know!!! (yes I wanted to cry but after questioning she said besides us, "like other moms and dads, not mine")

Logan: Whats against the Law?
April: Speeding, stealing, Killing people.....
Logan: Killing people is against the law??? (with a look like..........Really?........thats absurd)

I have more I cannot bring to the front of my memory at the moment so enjoy until next time...


urlgurl said...

I heard "Your Beautiful" on your blog and it reminded me of this movie I saw:

"Must Love Jaws"

It is a touching story.

Susan Catmull said...

Funny, Kids come up with some crazy stuff.

Brian said...

So, what is your take on Jason Castro? Do you like just his "somewhere over the rainbow" song? Or him in general. We've decided that we like him if we close our eyes and just listen, but can't stand those dreads...or his eyes, his mouth, ok we just can't stand watching him sing!
Any who, I too have a sneaking suspicion that my parents were married much like this B? persons. I thought I was the only one. Very strange indeed. I'm going to have to start interrogating kids too. That was just too funny.
Also just a suggestion you might want to start reading the children their rights before the interrogation starts. Informing them that anything they say will be held against them by their parents when they get home.
Loved this post!
Brian and Lisa

Susan Catmull said...

Your crazy if you don't think Jason Castro is a total babe. He is so cute (even with the dreads which I don't really care for) His eyes are so cute -- oohh he is a hottie. He does make some funny faces when he sings but that actually makes me like him more.

Susan Catmull said...

April I noticed you had a bunch of Jason Castro songs on your player. I need to get those.

Brian said...

Sorry to burst your communal bubble, but I have conducted extensive research and thus far, 100% of people polled agree that Mr. Castro is NOT a babe. Sorry to disappoint. ;)


Heather said...

You're too funny April. I haven't ever thought to do this - but I might start now.

And I had to laugh at all the Jason Castro discussion here. Gracie gets all giddy and starts saying "I'm in LOVE! I'm in LOVE!" every time she sees him.

Hendricksonblog said...

Bob thinks he is, and BTW Brian you seem a little overly bothered by this. Are you worried that we dont think you are cute? You have great hair and non-slobbery lips so you have a lot going for you. You know my taste for me as I told you the other day and for me, you just arent anywhere in the running with those two fine fellas.
Love ya still though

my favorite things! boutique said...

So, what about no more wire hangers? Was that a funny by a kid? I am missing something. BTW can I come over and jump on your tramp 'cause Jer is avoiding that purchase for our family. He has always protested and now your fabulous pictures on your blog give him one more reason not to buy one. So, maybe we can sleep out on yours some time this summer.

Hendricksonblog said...

of course but I am not liable for injuries.....

No more wire hangers is from the movie "mommy dearest" where the mom is a psycho

Sean & Sarah said...

We must have some sister ESP, because I just changed the music on my blog, and put some of Jason C's songs! I love everything about him. His voice, his gorgeous eyes, and even his dreads (though I don't want to smell them). David Cook is good, but come one, his Emo hairdo is really just hiding the fact that he's balding. and David A is just too silly pants... though the best singer on the show. I think Brian is a little overly interested in how much Jason is loved! I think your wife is just SAYING she doesn't like him... she's lying to you.

Hendricksonblog said...

I guess except for my wavelength was last week and I stole the idea from Angi anyway. So you are on it with her i suppose. Lisa does secretly love him, she calls me every day to talk about him especially his eyes and mouth and've been outed...........sorry

Chad said...

I am with Bryan, Castro is out. He doesn't even sing Over the Rainbow as good as Judy Garland, or Kermit for that matter. Dreads are out like Cobain. In all honesty, I don't even know who he is, but I felt like wasting time at work today, so I am commenting.

Hendricksonblog said...

I can always count on you to be against me............and Brad always said "I" had to always differ in opinion no matter what....I think he mistook me for you......and he does sing better than Judy although I'm not sure who's more for Kermit, Brian probably likes his version better too!!!

Brian said...

I told myself that I would just drop this whole Castro subject. But c'mon! Your 1st 8 songs are now Castro songs. I can hear Simon in my head saying, "It all sound a bit Cabaret if you ask me. Something you would hear at your local bar."

Sorry, This Castro thing has hijacked this posting. Go Jazz!!!

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