Monday, April 21, 2008

People are People and why should it be???

I have made my play list more accommodating to all who enter here, as long as they like my kind of music. I know I need to add more MoTab but that will not happen soon I dont think. I have spread out a very controversial persons music a little more evenly....Sorry I like to hear new stuff that strikes me as good for a while and then I move on. I do this with CDs. Listen to them a couple hundred times and then move on. I will not take any offense because many didn't agree with my liking of The Dead Milkmen either and I still like "watching scotty die" (morbid I know).

Anyway moving right along................I have to agree "Go Jazz"............I love watching these games especially on the TiVo because it is shortened by 2 hours and makes it doable for me to still get all my other crap done (okay those that know me know I mean watch all my other shows too)!
I saw a lot of blogs a few months back and they were all raving about this Princess on Ice show.....well I did take Ella and I was wishing the whole time it could have been a Jazz game instead. "Princesses on Ice" was my own personal Hell...........I couldn't wait for it to end but Ella loved it and that is all that counts so until she can read, I can write it and she knows no different.
I am thinking of putting her in Tumbling since soccer is not quite her thing.............I am realizing how different she and I our interests anyway........she has no interest in cleaning......WHAT!!!!!! in fact she in only interested in messing up. Logan is my clean one besides with the toothpaste. I think he will have some happy mission companions and roommates when he grows up (and girlfriends)..........I could never use Dave's bathroom at college I had to rely on Brad or Chad for the clean one (thanks guys).
Anyway I have been accused of rambling so "I'm Out" (Kramer)


Amy said...

First of all April, I LOVE your taste in music, a true mod at heart. I dig it. And as for Ella, I don't know what to tell you, I am wondering the same about Mya. All I see her play with is the boys "little guys" and their cars. Um, excuse me I have bought all these princess dolls and you don't want to play with them, what is wrong with you!" Let me know if you have any luck having them her be into what you are.

Amy said...

Ok whatever the last sentence I just wrote. I was trying to say, let me know if you have any luck having her be into things that you are into. Does that make sense? Seriously is it late or something?

Brian said...

All I know is I have a daughter who loves to sing "OPRAH" which to everyone else is Opera. I mean really can there be anything worse. (Even the tab is better than opera singing!) I really am going to have to learn to be the supporting loving mother to sit through a night of that crap. So I guess we all have kids who aren't as we thought they would US.

Fuchs Family said...

Oh April, I love that you have a girlie girl, what is more fun than that?! Presli takes tumbling and she loves it, she has learned so much. I think tumbling is a great idea.

Heather said...

What April, you didn't LOVE the Princess on Ice show? How shocking! At least it wasn't MoTab on ice. LOL! Dallin loved tumbling and Gracie has been begging to take it next year. I think it would be a good fit for Ella.

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