Thursday, March 13, 2008

Princess Legs!!!!

Every time I hear the sound clip-clop clip-clop a very big smile crosses my face. I know I am about to see Samuel run around the corner with Ella's princess shoes on. They are his favorite. He wears heels really well too. I cant even walk in heels.
I'm sure he will kill me when he gets older and I show him this but who am I to hinder his "self expression"!!!


Brian said...

If your not going to hinder his self expression, can I come over and hinder it? I know he'll thank me when he's a teenager.

Amy said...

Ok April,
So I'm starting to get a complex that you haven't added us to your blog of friends. It's ok if you don't like us because we're mexican, you know it's only my husband, so just add my name then it won't be so embarrassing. Love that your boy wears heels, what pretty feet he has!

Amy said...

Thanks April,
Now I can sleep tonight. Hope things are going good.

Fuchs Family said...

Actually that boy is Alexia, I was hoping Easton and Sam could hang out sometime. Just make sure he brings the shoes!

Mom and Dad said...

We love our Sam, no matter what kind of shoes he likes.

Sean & Sarah said...

2 words...That's HOT!

Best Song lyrics ever