Saturday, March 8, 2008


Here is my Birthday Present from Dave and the Kids. Which is really for the kids but my way to get him to concede. He's not difficult to break down (for me anyway). I have always been adamantly opposed to trampolines!!!! The very thought of my kids breaking their neck has always haunted me (knock on wood). But look at this photo with everyones neck still intact, besides of course the neighbor kid crying in my house. Anyway I have come to realize that you cannot keep your kids from ever getting hurt so why not help them out a bit. Really though I was at Sams club a few weeks ago and saw this hanging on the wall. I was very intrigued because it was square and I love squares (Kind of Susanish I know) and secondly I remember all of the good times we had as kids on Angies tramp. Sleeping on it, laying under, Jumping from the roof to it (dont tell our moms), jumping on it with the sprinklers beneath and last but not least laughing our heads off because Nellie would pee her pants every time. So heres to all of us that eat our words as the years go by and we get more relaxed (or too tired to battle)! This has the enclosure and a pitchball hoop but one of the parts was minus some important holes so we will wait to complete the setup!!!!


Susan Catmull said...

April I can't read the blue very well. I will get my old lady glasses and try again.

Brian said...

the blue was tricky. i had to bring the computer up to my eyes to see, but alas i was able to read the post. You will prove to have the best summer yard again for 2008.

Hendricksonblog said...

I tried to fix it 3 times and I am way to tech deficient to do it.. I changed the font apparently but no luck on the color------Im not sure why it printed that color to start with..

Susan Catmull said...

Ok, got my granny glasses and I could read it. I too was one of those who was not going to have a tramp.
We need to get a new tramp because our old one (well I will not tattle on the person who let it get ruined but it wasn't me and it wasn't the kids- I guess I did tattle) anyway my kids love to put the sprinkler under it and cool off on a hot summer day so we will be looking for another one. We will all just have to cross our fingers that no one gets seriously injured.
What was that about the square thing?

Hendricksonblog said...

It just seems like an OCD thing like a favorite number or light switches a certain way.

Mom and Dad said...

Welcome to the mother's mental unit. It's actually quite normal as years speed by to actually look at something for your kids as a gift to you. Lucky kids to have such a "crazy-in-a-good-way" mom.

Jennie said...

Hey April I love that you comment on my blog you are way too funny.

We also have a tramp and my kids love it. I have great memories of jumping on my best friend Katie's tramp.

Take care!

Oh and Poker? Anytime! My purse is really stocked now.

Fuchs Family said...

Hi April, I have been trying to talk Paul into a tramp for 6 years, he is still not sold on it. It looks so fun, you don't mind if I sneak over sometimes and jump do you? I'll make sure my mom signs a note!

I hope you don't mind, but I am adding you to my blog.

Amy said...

We love our tramp too. I love your memories about being on a trampoline, my favorite when I was little was the sprinklers under and jumping like crazy. So far we have had ours for 2 years and no brokenn anythings, (Knock on wood too), but here's to good times on trampolines.

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