Sunday, January 11, 2015

Small, small, small

Christmas 2014
Santa Adam came to Christmas Eve this year

Ella looks like a deranged Mrs. Claus
 I think this is hands down my favorite night of the year
Dave made ribs and I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off searching for a certain size of frame for some Christmas eve gifts I wanted to give our parents.  I swear every year I put something off until the end and have to do this.  I'm not too much of a procrastinator so I'm not sure why.
I'm not sure the grandparents want to claim the boys
 Sammy's Santa Gifts
Poor kid has birthday and Christmas in the Winter
He got a soccer goal and roller blades
 Neve's Santa stuff
 Ella didn't ask for anything so hers was most surprising 
and fun to see her get
I got the idea for the Ukelele from her cousin Daphne
 Logan is getting very teenish and boring to buy for....
did I mention expensive too?
 Carri came to join us for opening gifts and breakfast.  
I mentioned I don't have a gravy boat so she got me three.  
Thats how she rolls.   
In fairness, she always asks me what kind of mascara is the best so 
I got her like 6 kinds.
 Dave was so cute helping Ella learn to play her Ukelele
 This is most certainly a fire hazard at my Moms on christmas.  
Claustrophobia hazard for sure. 
 Sadly there is not a ceiling fan in this room to launch the 
wadded up paper at, and no uncle Kerry to start it out.
 I'm always grateful for parents but I feel especially grateful this year for Mine and Dave's parents and for family that has chosen to do so much for us.   It's been a rough year but I have learned a lot and grown a lot and am now doing well with a little help from my blue friends.
 The Hendrickson house would most likely have a more orderly fire escape routine
 Logans Christmas present to G-ma and G-pa is a rare one.   
He's a hugger just like his Mom.
 This is seriously one of my favorite gifts this year.
This is Rudolph drawn by Neve
 And this is the other one of my fav's
A Paperweight melting snowman made of a rock and 
a ping pong ball from Sam
I'm pretty easy to please
I also let Logan experience what Mom's often do
I gave him a puzzle even though he hates puzzles so I could do it because I love them.
Remind any Mom's out there of getting kitchen appliances and vacuums for gifts?
LOL   I actually like those gifts though but some Mom's get mad.

The mild winter weather so far at least has given Sam ample time to break in his new blades and Neve finally ventured outdoors with her Birthday skates which have only been ridden around and around my kitchen.  Soon spring will come and her 2nd light up wheel scooter can make its way out of my kitchen too.   Island bars make great natural skating rink area.


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Thanks for catching me up. I so love your stories.

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