Saturday, January 7, 2012

Nobody makes me bleed my own blood - nobody!

 Neve for some reason loves Logan to babysit her.  She thinks he is so cool and he is very cute w/her when he doesn't have any friends around to distract him from her. 
She does this thing where if you are sitting in a chair she wants, she just climbs in and then starts pushing whoever was already there and screaming that they are "squishing her"!
The girl is really getting much more manageable but she has a ways to go!
 Dave is carrying tiny Tim into his basketball game so that his cutest little Nikes ever don't get wet.
I suppose him being so small has some benefits.  Dave told the other kids yesterday that Sams skin is so brown because he is so small and the color is more concentrated.  I said it is because he was over cooked!  Waiting til his due date to be born.  Whats that crap?
and FINALLY, some snow that these girls can go out and play in.  Neve eats the snow from the bottom of her boots when she gets in the house.  Yuck!
Just got home from the finals in Logans Futsal tournament and I know its not right for a Mom to feel this way but I was really struggling to not swear in a loud yelling voice because I am not really a yeller.  Swearing is a thing I try to overcome but now, yelling swear words would be really different for me. Then I hate to even admit this but I secretly wanted Logan to get a yellow card by just laying a kid out!  (yes I know its bad but the kid would have had it coming, I hate that some kids get away w/all the pushing, holding, and tripping). 
I get really stressed out watching sports, I'll admit it.  Jazz games even give me such anxiety.
Anyway, they didn't beat the team and ended up in 2nd place but the score was 2 to 1 and they played their little guts out.  2 games tonight for Logan and then off to a Basketball one that I will miss because my putting my children to bed at a decent time duty calls.  Well, that and I have to get up at a ghastly hour for a meeting.   Boo, someone tell the Stake to do stuff after church, not before!  Boo again! 
I tried to give my body a little break this week because I was thinking it might deserve it but I just couldn't stand it anymore and went out and shoveled the driveway.  Ahh it felt so good.  
Sleeping I like.  Resting, not so much!


Aimee said...

Being a yeller / swearer comes with being a soccer mom, I think. I didn't used to be either. I'm not so bad at futsal games but outdoor soccer... mmm.. its hard to bite my tongue. We had a parent side show up w drums that they played every time our boys missed a shot. All I can say is its a good thing the fields get bigger as the boys get older. More distance between the parents.

I agree w BOO! That's ridiculous to have meetings that early on Sunday ... or any day. Glad it's you.

Lisa said...

The title of this blog post made me smile. And keeps me smiling.
Thats all.
Okay and I like your kids.

Chad said...

I can't even picture you yelling and screaming anything.

Heidi Brown said...

Good to know Mason isn't the only one who tells you you got in his way if he wants your seat.
I got a really cute pic of Neve covering her ears at Ella and Gracie's "concert" at my mom's house sunday. It cracked me up!

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