Monday, April 11, 2011

Sometimes I say stupid things that I think

Sam: "Finlay you have to sometimes give your toys to babies, because babies can be really hard to handle"
"Mom where do you think the best place on this earth would be?" uhhhh Me:"Disneyland?" Sam:"Yeah mom but I mean like the temple, but maybe the church might be the best because like at church you can make some noise but when you enter the chapel doors in the temple like you can't even make one single sound" (word for word and who taught him chapel doors?)

I said "In fact" yesterday during my YW lesson and it dawned on me that either he learned to say "in fact" from me or I was learning to say it from him

"Mom if you were going to make a shirt would you want cloth or paper or wood?" I say "Well wood would probably hurt and paper would rip so probably the cloth" he says "yeah and like cardboard would be ridiculous!"

Neve speak (she speaks really clearly so I enjoy the few she messes up)
Last Day=Yesterday
Winnie don't like me=I don't like winnie
No lock my door=don't shut my door
ubabubdawhirlsohi=up above the world so high
I no like da backroom=I don't like the vacuum
It scared a me=I'm scared of it
I farted=I farted (this is always announced when it is really quiet and we are in a public place)

Sam has been teasing Neve a little lately and he likes to call her Nibbel and she gets so mad and starts screaming "I not nibbel, mom sammy call me nibbel" She really hates to be called this so today it was going on in the car again and I am kind of laughing
and I say "hey Sam, what is a nibbel anyway?"
and he says "uh mom like a small crumb of a bite"
lightbulb.....oh....N-I-B-B-L-E....ha ha


Aimee said...

I don't like the backroom either, Neve.

Where does Sam come up with these ideas? What 4 year old is honestly thinking about what his clothes are made of? Cardboard is ridiculous! Can you imagine how many slivers you would have if you wore a wood shirt?

The Royals said...

We are singing "Chapel Doors" in primary. He's so cute and very knowledgable about the Gospel. Good job!

Chad said...

How "wood" you even get a wood shirt on your body.. it wood have to be screwed on and off. That may be interesting....

For some reason I always think about the flight of the concords after reading your posts.

Natalie said...

It's really true! Our kids ARE more righteous than we are. All this time, we've been spending all this money on disneyland, when all they REALLY want to do is go to the temple!

Chad said...

I have never spent money for my kids at Disneyland. Every single time it has been for me, they just reap the benefits of my needs.

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