Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm going there someday

So Dave decided to surprise me and take a trip to Disneyland. He of course had to tell me a few days in advance since I would be the one packing. I wanted to surprise the kids since I have spent so much time mocking others about not telling their kids in advance about their vacations I thought I better try it first before I continue to knock it.

Angi made a little code puzzle for them to figure out that ended up saying "that happiest place on earth" and because of a recent talk in sacrament meeting Ella thought we were going to the temple.
We were going to leave right after Logans soccer game but since he got injured in the last game we checked them out of school early and left straight from there.Neve projectile vomited chocolate milk right around Provo so our trip started out properly for our kids. I get so bugged that we have pukers but since I spent the better part of last night w/my head in the bowl, I know right where they get it and this can't be blamed on the Dad.
Mine was migraine induced though and not just barfing for the fun of it like the kids.
We stayed in Vegas on the way down and then drove to California and went to Disneyland for a half day on Wed. Then Thurs through Sat. I have never been on a Saturday. Saturdays at Disneyland suck! even in February. We have made ourselves spoiled by only going in the lowest volume months. I saw fantasmic for the first time and the World of Color which was cool.
My favorite ride at Disneyland was closed for repairs which is Splash Mt. but I survived by riding Thunder Mt at least one hundred times w/Sam who loves that ride and is finally tall enough to ride. Luckily Matterhorn is open again, it was closed last Feb when we went. Surprise surprise Neves favorite was Dumbo.........the longest lined ride at the park. Still only 20 min at its longest so I won't complain.

Sam got to do the Star Wars thing and at one point the guy said "you remind me of my master yoda, little one". We got a great laugh out of that. This below picture really drives it home too

Sam tried some new foods each day and really like 3 certain ones which two are odd for a picky eater. He liked clam chowder w/sourdough bowl, polynesian chicken kabob and corn tortillas.Ella began eating more her first time to disneyland too so maybe there really is some magic there or maybe all that walking just makes them really hungry.
This pic is worth a thousand words w/the annoyingness of his age
We had a great time!
At one point i was taking pics of the kids on Tom Sawyers island and so I kept telling Neve to say Donald duck or mickey mouse or disneyland or whatever I thought of at the moment. From that point forward every time I tried to take Neves pic she would say "Donald Duck" and smile. Sam is a poser and asks to have his picture taken.....he's definitely not my kid even if he likes me most.
Last but not least, I think Dora has it dead on because I haven't seen a kid yet who doesn't go all nuts over maps.


Hernandez Family said...

I have to admit that when I heard you went to Disneyland I was jealous.

PS I just about projectile vomited when I saw the picture of vomit. So, glad I don't have vomiters.

Susan Catmull said...

Wow, looks like fun. We hope to jaunt up there when we go to San Diego in June. I'm sure the lines will be lovely then. Love that little Jedi.

Chad said...

Lucky suckers. I kinda like that place.

Natalie said...

When we suprise the kids, it usually involves the park and slurpees. We're cool like that.

I'm not too worried about your ability to handle the barfing situation. You're an expert. And, speaking from experience, we experts can handle any barf-in-the-car situation.

Hendricksonblog said...

I purposely posted the gross barf pic for those that get grossed out by it just for myself and Natalie to get a chuckle for those lucky enough to not have pukers. I'm fair like that. Also Chad, I never knew you were a fan of DL. since when?

Noslo Family said...

No milk is allowed on car trips anymore for us. Too many Bear lake milkshake vomit episodes going down Logan canyon. Love Disneyland, but my boys cried almost the whole time we were there so they don't get to go back for a while. Glad you had fun.

Angie said...

This is like the complete opposite of all those Disney commercials and still, yours makes me want to go :)

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