Saturday, October 23, 2010

She’s a restless spirit on an endless flight

I went to Witchapalooza with some fellow chicas
I had a great time but my night was made when I finally removed that disgusting wig from Weston the Warlocks head
(Lisa made me do it)
Nellie, Lisa, (Keri was right in this spot), Moi, Cari, Karen, Ashley
Jen, Esmerelda, Weston, Aimee


Aimee said...

Okay I didn't realize that fellow witch friend actually caught the wig removal on film. That is a great picture! Mine are all the one's leading up to the removal of the wig.

That guy is so much better looking minus the bad hair. I still wish you had found a way to take care of that jiggle butt.

So I will post the sexy April Witch picture and you can post the scared Howlie Moon. You look so awesome in that pic!!! Good times.

Good friends bring me true HAPPINESS.

The Wingwah's said...

Did someones husband go with you guys? I really hope not.

I thought you were an ugly witch? Nellie looks awesome, as usual. You've got a big ol' Neve mouth in the second picture... which really she gets from you, so I guess you have a big ol' you mouth.

Natalie said...

Nellie's freaking me out! And you look just like you did in high school - minus the 4 kids. Who's the Gaston guy? Weird.

DJ and Gin Family said...

You DO like you're still in high school... nice!
Gaston. That Nat cracks me up, and Nellie freaks me out too.

Hendricksonblog said...

The two in the bottom middle are the actors in the little dinner show we watched. Yes my mouth is huge, but it had to be to fit my giant teeth.
At the start of the night my hair was really ratted and I had blacked out teeth. Eating ruined the teeth and my hair doesn't even hold a rat.

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