Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Did anybody tell you that this is the private club of the Satan's Helpers?

Ella had her end of year clogging recital last night.
The flowers were from Keri who is always so thoughtful and remembers those things that a Mom should remember.Neve walking to the performance, I finally picked her up, parked closer and then let her walk as I anxiously watched her every move since the path was right next to a swift stream
I love her face in this----this girl has so many faces to choose from

My Mom and Nellie(who love photos taken like I do) and Ella
Norma, Ella, and Clyde

This is my crush putting Costco crush to shame. ha ha, nothing like a clogging man in sequins.

Rowdy bunch is all I will say about this picture, back row(including Neve)being the rowdy part.
Me and the kids minus Logan since he was wrapping up his Summer O Logan tonight at the Country Club.

Random Picture: Sam slept in his new shoes. Neve tried to but she is part Tongan like me so she lasted about 2.5 seconds
Random story: I realized the other day that Logan is starting to have a slight beginning scent of body odor. I went and got Dave's cast off deodorants and gave it to him and made Dave show him how to use it since I am the one who had "the talk" with him, it was the least he could do. Anyway fast forward to that night: We rode bikes (except me jogging) to my M&D's to see their new bathrooms and I was talking with my Mom's neighbor and we got to talking about how old all these kids are. Logan heard that part of the conversation and proudly stated "Yeah I have BO". I laughed and he just smiled and walked away. My mom's neighbor was a little uncomfortable and I had to stifle my belly laugh. Later as I relay the story to my mom and we are laughing Logan says "What does BO mean anyway"? He was so proud to tell it to people until he learned what it actually meant.


Aimee said...

That's got to be the hottest picture of me ever. So glad you chose to post that one.

Good luck on the BO thing with Logan. Josh was pretty proud to wear deodorant too. . . then the excitement wore off and now he stinks like a kid all the time. Karen told me one time when Josh was sleeping over there, she caught Josh and Matt spraying deodorant and applying and reapplying for like an hour. Must be pretty exciting to enter the BO stage.

Brian, Laurel & Addison said...

Oh wow-I hope that's a grown up group clogging and not teens; I don't want that lady/girl promoting teen pregnancy. And yes, I'd have to agree that your clogger puts Nat's Costco crush to shame.

I think I will sneak my camera into costco next time and take a picture of one of their managers at the West Valley store, he's prett cute.

Natalie said...

Hey now, don't bag the Nard. Although that man-clogger gives Nard a run, I must say. You must have a thing for boy cloggers. You married Dave, right? Mr. Tipper-Tap himself.

Part Tongan. That was funny.

Hernandez Family said...

Ella looked really pretty! I guess Dave didn't eplain to him very well if he didn't know what BO was.

The Royals said...

I swear my boys have a thing for deodorant. Our house smells like Axe all the time in the morning! Then it stinks like wet dog when they come in from playing outside. Tell Logan that BO is part of being a MAN! ;)

Hendricksonblog said...

Dave is so shutting this blog down!!! ha ha ha

Heidi Brown said...

GO ELLA! And yes, she did look so pretty. We love you!

Angie said...

Please oh please, find a picture of Dave doing the clogging thing!

Love the fact that the clogging gene is strong in your household.

Susan Catmull said...

Wow, didn't know you knew Chinese! Please translate for us.
Look above !

Chad said...

I love your chinese follower.

Could you outline the talk here? I never got one, so I would have no idea what to say for the BO talk. I always thought BO was a railroad.

Lisa said...

Ella looks so cute in that first picture. I think there is a time and place for everything clogging included. When you are on number 2 or 3 kid I say you gotta give up your clogging career. That was one of the weirdest things I have ever seen. As for the boy all he was missing was some Jazz hands at the end. It was a fun night!

DJ and Gin Family said...

I was a bit surprised to find out that clogging was still around, then Nat's comment totally brought back memories of Dave's tipper tapper days. Didn't his whole family clog? I faintly remember some old talent shows at Orchard featuring a Hendrickson or two. Good times. Does Ella clog with Castleview?
P.S. Ella looks so darn cute... so does your boy crush.

DJ and Gin Family said...

P.S. I like the shot of that little boy playing with himself. He's standing behind cute Nellie.

Keri said...

I had so much fun and Ella did awesome!

When I got home I showed Mike the video of her and he said "turn it off. She looks cute, but I can't stand that sound!" He is scarred for life I guess.
Please Please find a picture of Dave clogging, I would love that oh so much :)

Hendricksonblog said...

Ok all I have to clarify so Dave doesn't kill me. He only clogged for like one season when he was young because they were supposed to go on a trip to Europe and they ended up going to Tennessee and he was very mad and quit. He would have never been caught dead in a talent show.
Castleview is no longer around but I think Ellas teacher did Clog with them at one point.
Heather, Lucas, and Heidi are the cloggers. NOT DAVE!!!
I have never seen any photos of Dave in clog wear. Clogging costumes have come so far these days minus the hideous orange pants one team had on last night.

Aimee said...

Who knew that a post about clogging was grounds for 15+ comments?

Gosh, people. Leave Dave alone. He didn't clog. Were you not there when he scored all the winning touch downs at CHS? Football, soccer, golf, skiing... not clogging. I got yer back, Dave.

Chad said...

Too late. I can already picture Dave holding hands with Eric Gunderson and dancing in tight outfits. Somehow a tutu slips in there as well. Love it.

Mama H. said...

April has set the record straight on clogging.....however, I may be able to dig up a photo or two.
Ella looked beautiful and I loved watching her and Emma hold hands in their matching outfits.

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