Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ninety seven pieces of the man is all they found

Cool Cat
I can't get enough of the cute 80's crap......I love most of it. Sick I know.
Cat Eyes
(yes, they are even supposed to have good night vision)
I had Lasik on Wednesday and on Thursday my eyes were 20/20 or better
This is an awesome pic of me a few hours after surgery and I had that previous pile of cables to get finished so I had to darken the place and feel my way around a thousand or so cables wearing sunglasses they gave me and a semi sweaty smelling Dave hat (that may or may not have been the worst part).
worth every penny so far and it's kind of a lot of pennies
Neve's first word: Dowwww (it means down, either we forget about her in the high chair a lot or she really likes the game where I throw her on the bed and she slides down while i say down and then I throw her back on the bed). She is so little and I laugh when I look down and see her walking around. She is destined to be a brat because we laugh at everything she does even if she is being naughty. Look out neighbors this girl loves to toilet paper my house so give it a few years and she'll be getting all of yours too. Ahh I love my toilet papering memories. Fun!!!
Emery Cat
Sam comes to me this morning and says "mom you get 2 wonder hangers for the price of one" I laugh because I realize he has just seen a commercial and then he says "I dont know what store you buy them at though".
An infomercial comes on for Emery Cat, which is a cat scratching thing that files your cats nails.
They say you get 2 for only 19.99
Sam says: See mom you get two (he looks thoughtful for a moment), Mom why would you need two?
I say: Exactly
Sam says: Well maybe uh uh you could just have the 2 one for an axtra.
Later he says: Mom you could get that cat scratcher thing because it comes with that little toy thingy on the side and the cats just keep comin' back. (I remember that the commercial tells about cat nip on it so that cats will come back to this instead of your furniture and drapes)
Sam went bowling to Fat Cats with Mike and Keri and this is what we talk about later that night.
Sam: Mom when you do the car game dont go to the this side one (pointing to the right) because it is a steeeeler and it takes your token. Its a steeeeler huh? Make sure you don't go to that one mom because it doesn't work and some of the other games are steelers too but I dont remember where they are. (keep in mind I know how to spell stealer but that is how he pronounced it)
CAT Fishin'
This is how Sam puts himself into the sleeping mood most nights lately. Funny thing, fishing makes me sleepy too and makes me remember how my dad hated having so many girls when he went fishing because someone always had to pee.


The Peton's said...

Oh, I want that eye laser surgery bad! One of these days. I wish you were wearing the sunglasses they give you at the office - you know, the disposable ones with the cardboard sides? Those are funny.

Chad said...

You still spelled it wrong.

Just kidding.

I can't believe people are so fond of Lasix. If I bad vision, that last thing I would want would be for them to fry my eye with a laser to make it work better. Rebecca can't wait to get it.

Angie said...

Chad it's LASIK! I used to work at the Moran and trust me, I know. They may have a new machine called lasix, just don't get me started.

If I knew you were having the surgery I would of talked you out of it, but good thing you are ok. I have watched it done and I would rather have twins all natural. Did you get to take a valium before the surgury? I am really liking that stuff!

Chad said...

"lasik", "lasix" "burn my eyes with a laser and make them better" whatever. Its all the same and you knew what I meant.

Hendricksonblog said...

They called it a cool laser and supposedly it doesnt burn but I smelled something burning. Im not weird about this kind of stuff. Im a fan of all things laser. Eye surgery, hair removal, Tag, Floyd, Zeppelin.

Chad said...

You forgot Laser U2, which makes me sad because you went with me and Dave to that one. Not just me and Dave, but a whole bunch of us went. Matt, Aimee, Brad, jamie, Mardee, more.

Hendricksonblog said...

I did not forget but I didnt want to lump the all mighty U2 in with pink floyd and Led Zepplin since they are really in a whole other league. Yeah that was in the old school planetarium.

Aimee said...

Just to keep the conversation going.. When Laser U2 was at Clark Planetarium I tried to put together a big "big people" night out (you know - no kids) for all of us. But when I checked the times, it played once a week at 5:30pm. I was so frustrated 'cause if they really thought it through it was all of us (us being working parents) that want to see it. So not only do most people not get off work early enough for that, it's not easy getting a babysitter, too. So I guess it will just hafta stay one of those fond memories.

Ella is looking more and more like a mini April.

I think it rocks that you had Lasik eye surgery. My dad did it about a year ago and loves it. I didn't get a chance to ask you about it at church today. You'll hafta fill me in at dance tomorrow.

Angie said...

I would do the laser hair removal, just saying.

Lisa said...

this song "gets stuck in my (Brinlies) head" This means that it kinda freaks her out. Funny. I am now afraid I would come out blind with the luck of my family. Or I would do it for sure!!!

The Wingwah's said...

i hate you and anyone who CAN get it.

Best Song lyrics ever