Friday, December 11, 2009

theres a hole in the wall

my good friend reminded me of that great song the other night.
Ella: Mom, Logan said that he got a present from Santa last year and it said made in China on it. It wasnt made in China.....(with this look of Logan is an idiot on her face)
Me: chuckle chuckle chuckle
Ella: whats so funny?
Me: nothing Ella (still laughing).

Sam:Mom do some people not like Christmas?
Me: Probably but you like it dont you?
Sam: um duh yeah because Im not crying

Even if a person had kids strictly for the entertainment value I dont know that I could blame them. Not that they should
Man these guys are funny, or im just easily entertained.

So I was at Barnes and Noble the other day with some BFF's and I saw this calendar of Porn for women. Being the curious cat that I am and knowing I am in a regular bookstore I investigated further. I was of cute men doing housework. I laughed. (might be dead on about the easily entertained thing) The BEEF's laughed.....oh wait BFF's and we went on our merry way. So Sunday I was making dinner and cleaning out the dishwasher and saw the gingerbread house kit sitting on the counter. It was in my kids advent calendar that we would do this today (I hate doing this but it is a good memory for me as a kid so I thought I would give them that). My mom is awesome at these, me, not so much.
Poor unsuspecting Dave walks in and I say "hey do that gingerbread house with the kids" and he says "uh, I will clean out the dishwasher" and I say "no, just do it. I promise I dont care how it turns out, just put the frosting where the kids say and let them put the candy on". Guess what? He fell for it!!! I love this guy. Not just for that. It helps though. They did a pretty good job and I really couldnt have done much better but I think I would have made a bigger mess. So to make this post nice and round and wrapped up, that calendar reminded me of Dave because you can often find him doing my chores while I do other things that silly people think are man chores. (I wonder if there is a calendar for that?)


Chad said...

I'm a little lost, so Dave is in a porn calender for women?

Hendricksonblog said...

Yes Chad, yes he is.

Chad said...

I wish I could poke out my minds eye.

Aimee said...

I decided last year that I hate the gingerbread house activity w the kids, too. What kind of advent calendar is that? It tells you what to do every day? I have enough to do.

So was the Logan toy made in China or not? I'm so confused. I swear the North Pole is no where near China.

The Peton's said...

Dave's a sucker. But that's good for you. Those candy houses make a mess, but I love to eat them. It's also fun to blow them up with m-80's.

Brian said...

I say when you have a good guy you have a good guy. I have a hubby that will do that for me too, and I do less "man" chores than you. Brian HATES the gingerbread house tradition which makes me like it even more. But the things we do for the kids. We didn't think of having kids for the humor just the tax benefits!!!

The Wingwah's said...

I told someone the other day of our sitting-on-the-gingerbread-house-after-christmas-to-break-it tradition, and they just sat there... I guess it's not "normal".

Hendricksonblog said...

I'm not sure why Sarah, but that just made me laugh my head off. It might not be normal because it usually scares the crap out of the kid who sits on it.

Mama H. said...

I admit I'm also easily entertained. It's easy to check out your blog and I'm always entertained. Looking forward to tonight with the rugrats.

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