Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Adam, Please pass me a roll

roll on the floor.
ahhh I miss old fashioned Sunday dinners at Moms and this picture reminds me of the kids playing in her utensil drawer which oddly is in about the same relative place in my kitchen. (I wonder if its because she helped me move in or if its just a daughter thing)

Adam used to take the bones from the meat out to the garbage for my mom while the rest of us (mostly me and my mom) cleaned up the dishes (the other sisters hate cleaning up the table and Sarah always has to go to the bathroom when the sink is ready) anyway he would stand out by the garbage cans and chew on the bones making sure to get every last morsel of meat that any other person might have missed. It seems disgusting and it is but not when its Adam. Sometimes Poco (the neighbors dog) would get a little something left to chew on after Adam was done.
I guess while I am laughing at him i will make fun of myself.
I do everything at warp speed. Im all about it.
So the dishes are no exception even if it means that I am soaking wet when finished.
If you are near me during dished time, plan on getting wet. (Still sorry about that Kat......haha)
Nellie hates getting wet therefore I think it bugs her to help me with the dishes. Actually all my sisters hate getting wet (not so much Sarah) so My brother Kerry loves to sneak up on them and soak them at BBQ's in the summertime. They get soo mad and I think it is funny. Weird thing, he never soaks me.......hmmmmm..... I wonder if he does it for the reaction???
Random post and I seem to be random lately.....its how the brain feels.
Oh yeah and Im thankful for lots and lots of crap but with my jumpy brain we just wont even go there or else we may have a super long post. We dont want that.

Sam Says: Mom she used to be called Neve and then Steve and Now she is booger nose because she has boogers coming out of her nose.
Mom I dont want to sleep in your room because it is scary and I saw a Nevel in there last night and it was white and looked like a lady bug but it sounded like an elephant. (I must have slept heavily that night)


Chad said...

Sara goes to the bathroom in the sink?

Angie said...

it sounds like Dave had a bad case of the farts and that was scaring Sam or maybe it was you?

The Peton's said...

I love the thought of Adam standing at the garbage cans picking all of the turkey meat off the bones.

We should do dishes together sometime, because I also do them at super warp speed and get wet. Imagine how fast my thanksgiving dishes could get done with YOU as a dish partner. I like that thought.

You would scream in frustration at my uber slow husband. Doh da doh.

The Wingwah's said...

still hate dishes... in fact, yesterdays dinner dishes are still in there waiting to be done. I like that I have a big sink so I can just wait until it's all the way full and then I finally do them.
I have all my stuff in that same drawer and think it's something we do because of how our mom set up her kitchen. Do you think all girls do that?
P.S. chad I did try to pee under the sink once.

Lisa said...

Chads comment made me laugh. Not just me, but also my rug, and floor by the dishwasher get wet in the process too, so does it then make us slower dishwashers having to dry everything up? Maybe the slow and steady wins the race after all!? I wont change to find out though. "I was made for speed" (finding Nemo)

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