Saturday, October 10, 2009

And it makes me feel so fine I can't control my brain

I just spent the day with some of my people and their people and we had a really good time.

I could probably use a photography class or two. Speaking of I went to Gardner Village with my sisters yesterday but Logan had to take my camera to scouts so I have no pictures of that. I could however do a post on the pictures from Logan's scouts that would be pretty entertaining.
Hay ride. But where is the hay you ask? We asked that too
I spent most of my time taking pictures of people taking pictures. Have you ever noticed that you think your pictures are better than they really are and when you get home and upload them you are disappointed? Yeah Me neither.
Some of the Black Pearl Booty
Neve wishing her super power was elastigirl so she could get her grubbies on some grub.
Oh this slide was steeper than it appears
Action shot from the ride announcer---this is what we all had been waiting for
And we wished to have a replay of this face. Must be enlarged for full effect
This dumb lady thought you had to get into the potato sack. I think they needed a bigger sack.
Funny thing is that all the people after her thought this was the way to do it and copied her.
Evil cruel joke (comments must be read to save this dumb lady's reputation)
My sweet adorable Neve finally hit the hay as it was time to leave......5 hours later
and now as I blog she is attempting to Fax something to China.
I better go check the children.........before a stranger calls......oh home alone I'd better not creep myself out.
SIDE NOTE: Dave and Logan are at the Presidents Cup in San Francisco as if that's even blog worthy................pfffft Golf. Tiger Woods? Who's that? Just kidding (about Tiger)
I can appreciate Golf for mainly one reason. That is some good lookin' grass!!! and you can watch it grow while you wait for a tournament to end. Longest sport on the planet. Nice grass though.


Hendricksonblog said...

I dont know why half of this is underlined and it was too much effort to figure it out and fix it so it links to nothing even though it gives the appearance of linkage.

Chad said...

Appearance of linkage? Is that like a fake sausage?

I love your photo of the lady in the sack. That would go good on my website of photos of people that made their way into your photos that I talked about in my blog.

I have to know where this is. I want to go down the slide on an Ice block with Matt Earle.

Angie said...
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Angie said...

Jared and I had a good giggle with the potato head lady putting her feet in the potato bag. Hope that wasn't one of your sisters!

Hendricksonblog said...

Okay to be fair that potato head lady is my friend Lisa and she is totally mocking me because I thought you got into the bag and I was saying that I wouldnt fit and they all laughed at me. so, this is her impression of me coming out of the slide. Im the potato head so keep on laughing Angie and Jared.

Hendricksonblog said...

Its in Syracuse on the shores of the Great Salt Lake

Hernandez Family said...

OMG I actually laughed out loud at the picture of Lisa. I was even going to tease her until you fessed up.

Angie said...

even better ha ha ha

Lisa said...

Let me make a few points:
A: Everyone should go to this place, but might not be as fun if not accompanied by those shown in the pictures above.
2: Elastic girl is not a bad choice of super power if given a choice it could come in very handy. Smart little gal you have there.
D: Poor me who will be known as the "dumb lady" because you have to read all the comments to realize it was done as a mockery.
I could go on and on but for reasons this is not my blog and a comment only section I should close.
p.s. for those who don't know the "counting" is from Home Alone....Buzz says A....2.....D so I wont be know as a dumb and dumber person on this blog!

Keri said...

April - you are the best blogger! Reading this made me laugh and remember the great times all over again!

And yes - Mike told me that it is hard for him to even look at that picture of me! Thanks again for a great day!

Liz said...

You guys were right by our house and you didn't come to visit? How rude!
I've heard that place is a lot of fun, but we've still never been to it. I guess we'll have to check it out.

The Wingwah's said...

That pic of Kari is hilarous! And Neve has the biggest smile a baby has ever had... wait, did that even make sense?

The Peton's said...

Wish I was there. I would have worn the potato sack on my head.

You are very perceptive about golf. I love to play, but hate to watch.

Lewis Family said...

Your little Neve is a doll!!! Looks like an amazing time... minus the no hay on the "hay" ride, oh and that crazy lady in the potato sack :)

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