Saturday, December 6, 2008

Long ago their fathers came from far across the sea.

This is a photo of "Nevey Wevey" as Sam calls her. He took it. I was impressed. I wont torture you with the others he took since they are of half of my face and up my nose and all that good stuff. To me she looks like Axel in this pic (Nellies Baby) (Big baby that is).

I am pretty sure in the Teachers Comments section of his report card it will read "Talks too much"
My little sister Sarah used to get that comment. If she still had teachers she still would.
I'm not sure why this Lamanite thing has cropped up in his brain.........Matt P. calls him Samuel the Lamanite and I can only assume he is having memories of that. For those who havent experienced his "and and and and and and" first hand, you are missing out. I think he will be just like Dave when he grows up in the aspect of stories taking a really really long time to tell.


Keri said...

Classic Sam! I find all of his stories fantastic and can't wait to hear more - keep posting them, they always make me smile.

Amy said...

Cute little Nevey Wevey, darling pics. Love that little Sam too!

Angie said...

I love little toddler boys. They are so cute, and it makes me sad that they have to grow up.

I forget how great of a story teller Dave is, even if most of his stories are full of you know what!

Brian said...

So do you have 2 kids now? You can tell Ella and Logan I love them too. And they are adorable. I only say this because we have mostly 2 kids too when it comes to the blog.

The Peton's said...

He's gonna hunt them in the face. He's tough. And cute.

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