Friday, October 31, 2008

Lucy in the sky with Diamonds

There is this magic potion I mixed up today (actually yesterday). Baby Neve is a completely different person, she's the little girl we met in the hospital that first day.
2 fl ounces of this wonder drug and voila!!!
We have missed her.
I on the other hand am not missing "the pump", it has to remain my friend for a while. The things we are willing to do for an ounce of the "good stuff" and I dont mean Artic Circle.


Heather said...

It's amazing what a little drugs - and a little sleep - will do. I'm glad Neve is back to herself again.

Ashby Family said...

i wish i didn't know what you were talking about with the starving & screaming. my babies are born wanting chuck-o-rama & i can't keep up. yes, you heard right-i too am a pumping queen.(no barnyard sounds are allowed at the ashby home these days):) anyway...i'm so glad dave is such a big help. i wish i could have seen you on the porch for halloween.can't wait to see this gal in person!

Hollie and Colby said...

Welcome to the pump club... it gets better the more you do it, I promise!

Neve is beautiful! Congratulations

Brian said...

I tell you feeding two babies is nothing compared to pumping for one. I give props to all you pumping moms. I absolutely hate it, and quite frankly am not good at it. Maybe I haven't had a good pump. But what we do for a little free food and a couple of antibodies huh?

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