Monday, April 28, 2008

You're Beautiful, It's True

What is prettier than this picture?
I think nothing.
No my kids aren't looking at the camera and smiling and no they are not in their best clothes but "yes" they are "pulling weeds". The glubbs are a bit oversized but they worked their hearts out while I sat around and took pictures. Ella pulled up a few plants now and then but its one of those kind that could stand to be thinned so not a word from me. Who am I to interfere with such a masterpiece as children helping in the yard, and enjoying it?
Anyway, this went on for a good hour and then Ella promptly ran inside to throw up and begin her run on the stomach flu express. Unfortunately when one of the kids hops on this wild ride, I must go too.(Dave gets stuck on night shift since he is kinder than me with lack of sleep).
She is trying to ask me who got sick first so she knows who to blame it on. I told her Dave.
Is it just my oddness or does anyone else think really little kids throwing up in the toilet is cute?
I will most likely regret asking that but too late now.


Keri said...

Gardening Gloves - $2.00, Weed Killer - $12.50, You're kids enjoying gardening? PRICELESS!! That pictures is SO CUTE and thank you for sharing it!! I hope Ella feels better soon!

Mom and Dad said...

Very cute and a great tribute to a mom who is teaching her children to work. So sorry that the flu bug finally caught up with Ella. I hope she gets better so we can play with Kylee doll this week.

Susan Catmull said...

Throwing up in the toilet- Cute? Well I guess it is a good thing to see instead of them barfing on the carpet or bed which my kids like to do.

Chad said...

I don't know about cute, but it's dang awesome that your kids are already doing chores. I can't wait for the day Eli and Tierra take out the garbage and do the laundry while I sit on my butt drinking a beer and watching football!

Matt & Angi said...

I love this post because it shows me that there is hope for my children! Every time I ask them to help in the yard, they start digging holes in the flower beds and throwing dirt at each other!

Do you think that it would be too much to ask for Ella to just move in here with me for a little while?

Amy said...

Wow, how do you do it. It's like pulling teeth to even get my kids to pick up their toys!!! Nice job and instilling good work ethic at such a young age. And by the way April, I really think you need to be a book author, you are awesome with words. I always laugh, thanks for that!

Sean & Sarah said...

yea right... staged!

Heather said...

So can we borrow Ella and Sam for a few days? I have some weeds that need to be pulled and plants that need to be thinned.

I hope you're all feeling better! And as far as thinking they're cute when they puke in the toilet - I had the same thought as Susan - at least it's not on the carpet!

Brian said...

Who are you trying to kid? We all know the reason that your kids work so hard is the fear of huge beatings!!! But I guess it is a "win, win, win" situation.
As of "cuteness" ever relating to throwing up, here is where we differ. Sexy maybe, but cute not so much!!!

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