Wednesday, September 29, 2010

If the kids don't pick me I think I'll cry

(Susan, Kristi, Me, Mom, Kerry, Adam, Amy, Nellie)
I love Autumn
(Me, Susan, Amy, Nellie, Kristi, Adam)
I love pumkin pie
I love Candy
Me, Kristi
(Nellie, Me, Adam, Amy)
I love Halloween


Susan Catmull said...

I still need to get a copy of some of those adorable photos. Me Love Halloween too!

Keri said...

That is so crazy! The first picture looks like Neve cropped into an old photo and the last one is totally Sam, GEEZ your kids look like you!!!!

Chad said...

Brave, very brave.

Julia said...

Wow. Neve is you!!!!! Such great pictures.

Aimee said...

OMG! I love it! I couldn't agree more with Keri - Neve totally looks like you! Shaggy blond hair and all. Oh that makes me want to find some old pics of me and my siblings. They might never talk to me again.

Natalie said...

Neve and Sam are you, just born all over again.

Those were some awesome pictures! Poor Sarah was left out of all the pictures. She must have been the one to stay home and pass out candy.

I love the picture of your butt crack. Every time I see pictures of your whole family, I admire your mom even more.

Angie said...

Ditto Natalie. Mom Bray was a super hero.

Neve is the cutest mini me ever.

We love Halloween the most around here too.

Thanks for sharing the awesome photos!

Lisa said...

So Neve is so like you I had no idea. The second picture of I love Autumn looks just like the girl on the LDS video From the mouth of babes. Too funny. I love the 80's!!!

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