Sunday, August 15, 2010

What more is you lookin' for?

Leg One
Drove to Vegas. The drive didn't seem bad. I bought a game called Zingo, which is travel bingo and some treats for prizes so this took up some of the time. Clyde and Norma rode with us so Norma helped entertain the kids (especially Neve) and Clyde helped entertain Dave. I sat in the back so I could reach Ella and Logan to smack them.
M&M's world........LAME!!!......but the kids liked it and spent some of our money there.....Sam Helping Neve cross the street so she didn't get hit by carsMermaid aquarium at the Silverton (kind of a creepy mermaid)
Ella right where she wants to or near a body of water.
Lazy river at the Vegas Condo
We ate our dinner there and we got our food from some place called paradise smoothie (or something like that) and I have been craving that place since. Highly recommended. YUM!!!
Sam right where he likes to be. In a body of very warm water.
Neve right where she likes to be. Dead center in the middle of mine and Dave's bed. She was already starting to seem sick (one day off her antibiotic) Poor little rat.
In her defense I like to be right there too......just not with her joining me


Chad said...

You have now ruined every fantasy I have ever had involving mermaids and I don't think it can be repaired.

Lisa said...

You just having me in wonderment of where Logan likes to be. I guess not included on this blog post. Isn't he a little young for his favorite place to be where ever you all aren't?
Sad to crave a place that is a state away. Good luck with that.

The Royals said...

M&M world is lame and way overpriced! My kids had fun there. I was tired of walking from one end of the strip to the other! Ella looks scared of the mermaid!

Natalie said...

Lamo mermaid! Those aren't even real shells! And goggles and a nose plug? Wussie.

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