Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tin roof, rusted!

My title is a tribute to my good friend who always comes up wrong in an argument and water skiis at Bear Lake in the winter (with a wet suit of course) but is still a pathetically great person....only you know who you are!!!

So I guess we need to get right to my resolutions since that is what is expected!
I am sure I will lose weight and then gain weight and then lose it again
I will clean my house, mess it up, and then clean it again
I will tell my kids over and over to stop fighting
I will laugh at Sam saying funny things all of the time
I will smile every morning at Neve who wakes with a silly crooked grin
I will enjoy watching Logan play basketball---my favorite
I will accept the fact that Ella is a pack rat!! (uh maybe)
I will make snide remarks to Dave about his computer time
I may plant a flower or two
Shovel a few driveways
Unload trailers full of something
Move large furniture
and tuck my feet up so I don't get bitten by a shark

I like to keep things simple so I feel like a success year after year
How'd I do?

Best Song lyrics ever