Friday, December 26, 2008

Mint Sandwiches

Will Sams new little green recycle truck counteract the environmental impact of my new toy?
It is a thing of beauty to me but still just a car. I liked my old one so much we got the same thing just with a few more bells and whistles (okay a lot more). With this purchase came one of Logans favorite Christmas presents. A b-ball signed by Carlos and Deron. It was an expensive ball!!
I will post some pics of my other favorite new things later. They werent Christmas presents they just sort of all happened at Christmas time. One of them I have waited 5 years to commit to so hold on to your seats.
In the mean time,
So I was just trying to get Sam dressed after he, Logan, and Ella flooded my bathroom and he said "I want to wear my gingerbread clothes" Which are pajamas not clothes.( he is wearing them above) Unfortunately he peed in them this morning and in my bed (it really was him and not me). So I pulled out these football Pajamas that his Grandma gave him and put them on him. He said "Mom, these pajamas are too fancy for me."
He wont let me take a picture because he is too upset that I took the water off his hair with a towel and I can't put it back. He is definitely headed for a nap today since he is going to a Jazz game tonight with Dave sporting his new teeny tiny Williams Jersey.

P.S. the title is confusing because it is meant to be and Sam is begging for Fernwood mints while I type so my brain has no ability to be creative.
P.s.s Those toys are a combination of Sams b-day presents and Christmas.


Susan Catmull said...

That was wierd. I read your blog about Sam's pjs and then a little while later I looked at it and it was added upon. I didn't even see your new car when we were there. Hopefully Dave has recovered from the Bray clan invading his space. Thanks for all you do.

Brian said...

So, uhh, I have a gently used Basketball with my signature on it... What are you willing to pay for that valuable piece of merchandise?

Amy said...

Merry Christmas April, looks like it was a good one. Cute little Sam, man he is a doll. Woo Hoo for a new car, that is so dang exciting.

Angie said...

So jealous right now. I want a new car so bad, but I don't dare with my messy sloppy children. Enjoy.

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