Friday, October 3, 2008

The more time you spend in that body, the more human you become.

Should I or shouldnt I ?????
Logan is having a birthday sleepover tonight and I am really tempted to Bring "him" out. If it werent for Ella and her scaredy cat disposition I would do it.
My Brother Kerry gave this doll to Adam last christmas and it has been nothing but a nightmare with the kids and them being freaked out. So Nellie and her family moved into my parents house so My mom and Dads excess stuff came here until they find a house. Included in the booty is this beautiful doll that does nothing but wreak havoc all over. My dad hid him in a suitcase and put him behind my freezer but all of the kids somehow found out he is at my house. Needless to say they are pretty sure he is in the basement. While my basement is pretty nice it now has this eerie sense to it. Nellies kids have made it their personal mission not only to always talk about Chuckie but to find him too (even though they are just as scared of him as anyone). Leave it to Nellies kids huh?
My mom and Dave keep saying we should just get rid of it or give it back to Kerry. My thought is that if you put this back in Kerry's hands it could be much much worse. (We all remember the Bum mask and poor Nichole) My second thought is that I love Halloween and I dont get scared by much so I love this Chuckie doll and It would be safer in my hands than in Kerry's. Speaking of Chuckie the kids have not seen this picture and as I write Finlay and Samuel are talking about shooting Chuckie and him stealing their stuff.
Anyway to keep this from rambling on I just thought everyone would appreciate the little walk down memory lane with sweet little Chuckie..................did any of you remember how foul his mouth is????? He's a Bad, Bad Boy!!!! I think I may start sticking him behind doors to scare people like my mom did to my dad.


Susan Catmull said...

Well Nick wants to be Chuckie for Halloween. They haven't seen the movie and probably won't but they think Chucky's pretty cool. I loved that the kids are planning what to do when Chucky shows up. A little fear never hurt anyone. LOL I'm a sucker for a good horror movie.

The Peton's said...

Oh, how could you have that doll and not use it?! What a great show piece. I think you could use it to get your kids to obey you. Or, maybe if you're having trouble with your kids not saying their prayers at night, bring out Chuckie. The possibilities are endless!

Amy said...

Ok, seriously Chucky FREAKS me out! And Taylor just saw him and said, "Whoa Man, he's scary!" I think I would be scared to go downstairs too, but it would be kind of funny to bring him out. Make sure to video it.

Angie said...

Ok you Bray's are demented. I got scared just seeing the picture and hearing the creepy music. I get scarred easily. I was afraid of the Disney movie of Ichabod Crane. I am a wimp.

Fuchs Family said...

That is just plain creepy!

Hernandez Family said...

I think your Chuckie doll is scary and I like scary.(the music was a perfect touch, April) I think you should keep him and have fun with him.

Mom and Dad said...

I have heard you talk about Chuckie, but had no idea what that meant. I agree that Ella would be traumatized, since she was afraid of my bathroom forever because of some strange thing... Anyway, sounds like the party was fun for all.

Nichole said... dad read this last week and started making plans of what do to with Chucky if he gets it back! DON'T GIVE IT BACK!!! My dad is the reason I am TERRIFIED of the littlest. I can't read a scary book, I get scared to death when Christian is out of town, and any remotely scary movies are not allowed in the house!! He has ruined me ;)

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