Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dont ever sit on a woodpeckers knee.

Ella on her First day of Kindergarten.

She was very happy to Finally start today. Dave had to take her since I had a doctors appt. Logan also rode his bike to school for the first time today with his "own" lock with a combination. He used the same code as the one for school lunch. He showed my mom and she told him she was going to go eat lunch "on him" today.
Samuel and I went and bought a few much needed items of clothing for all of them and then to the pet store to return something and look at animals, then off to Starbucks for our morning cup of Joe (they have the little kid hot chocolates which was good since he always burns himself on mine).
We had a good weekend at Pineview with Daves family minus Mike and Keri but the best part was that God sent storm and cold wind that blew in. I have slept like a baby the last 2 nights (a good baby that is) with my windows open and my children and possibly husband freezing to death. Do I feel a little bad????? Nope!!!! The funny thing is that they all have semi-warm bedrooms to sleep in (minus Dave) and what do they do, show up in my room at 2 a.m. and wake up with blue lips. Adapt or stay away my amphibians. (they are the cold blooded right?)
Anyone venture to guess whether I like Jacob or Edward (tough I know)?


Fuchs Family said...

I have always told you this, but I think Ella is the cutest thing ever. BTW, I didn't know what the toothfairy was supposed to leave, I should have called you. Paul and I had the hardest time figuring this one out. I actually tried not to over do it as I tend to do most of the time!

The Wingwah's said...

Was today Ella's first day? That seems weird... I guess that's just cuz Faye has been in school for almost 6 weeks now!
I always think about how in the world your kids can stand how cold your house always is... then I figure they have never known any different... Is that what you are meaning... you like cold, so Edward? That's the one reason I would love Jacob... I HATE to be cold! BTW did you ever read Breaking Dawn?

Angi said...

First off, Ella looks so dang cute in her pictures! I love them! How did you do dropping her off? Did you bawl like a baby?
Second, I laughed my head off at the whole freezing cold nights because for the last two nights I have slept with my bedroom window open as well, and never slept better! Matt on the other hand woke up crying this morning because he froze all night! I told him to get another blanket.

Aimee said...

Okay so I am a little shocked that you have an Edward/Jacob comment on your blog. I am a Twilight fan.. not a freak like most, but I do like it. And, I happen to be an Edward lover. I don't see you as a Twilight fan for some reason. Maybe because it's trendy right now and you are all but trendy. BTW I love Ella. You can tell her that.

Julia said...

I'm holdin' out here, April. Jacob or Edward? I really don't know. Maybe Jacob, because I can see you not following the "norm" who mostly rooted for Edward...

I am an Edward girl, myself.

Happy School Days, Ella! You are adorable!

Hendricksonblog said...

Brad would be disappointed to know that I go with the norm on this one.
I dont like hair and I like cold so Edward prevails.
And c'mon Aimee I am as trendy as they come.

Ashby Family said...

yes, i'm alive.:) love ella's hanna montana backpack. ella is a star. love it.

hopefully with school starting things will quiet down around your place so you can rest these last few weeks! (i know you're laughing at me now...not much slows you down april.):)

The Royals said...

I am a fan of neither, but I did enjoys the Twilight series.

Brian said...

Ella looks so cute. I had a fun time walking with her on the first day of school. She and Brin held hands most of the way it was cute. Anywho. I like the comments on Edward vs. Jacob. I must say I am the Jacob fan; not because of temperature so much because I am never happy in 102degree weather I want snow. Come January I would die to have HOT weather. The reason Jacob wins is because he wouldn't touch my neck. If you know me I have a neck thing. I don't like anything on it and at random times you can find me keeping my shirt off my neck. So no neck suckers for me!! I am glad you are sleeping like a good baby. I am sleeping like 2 CRAPPY sleepers. I am not going to make it much longer if something doesn't give!!! I think in two more months I will just take your baby at nights and feed her with my two and then one of us can get some sleep!!

Angie said...

Whose Edward or Jacob? I prefer to sleep with it freezing. My kids wear winter pajamas all year long because we keep it cold all night long. Isn't that a song?

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