Friday, February 29, 2008

Hendrickson house gone bad

This is my attempt to show a friend (not naming names) that my house was really messy............she claims this isn't a mess.....
I think she is a Liar............and was just trying to be nice...


Matt & Angi said...


If you really want to get into a contest over who has a messier home, then you had better up your game.
Let me guess, you were sick with the flu or something, right?
By the way, the only time that disaster will ever be acceptable again, is if you were just too busy making some ribs for some friends and didn't have a chance to get to it.
(And by friends - I mean ME!)

Brian said...

That mess is shameful and I mean that in a way that makes me wonder how you can be friends with such a pig as me??? That "mess" as you call it is actually quite amusing. It's like the "tidy-up fairy" was busy for a few hours.
I must say that I read your friend Angi's post and I am pulling my trump card for the ribs. Me and the babies always come first when it comes to MEAT!! If me and the boys (those in me I mean) don't eat them all she can have the left overs!!!

Hendricksonblog said...

Okay you two(or should I say 4), I will admit this was posted mostly for you. I couldnt get pictures of the whole room and maybe I should have done a close up of the carpet on the stairs but you would have thrown up in your mouths. Lisa I like that your post says brian and then you talk of being pregnant, its creepy!

Nichole said...

I am a messy person...I am A LOT better than I used to be but I still HATE cleaning! This is NOT messy! I remember when I was in high school you came over to my parents house and saw how messy my room was. You saw that I had my drawers open and you said that that was discusting...I have always made a point of keeping my drawers closed since then and when one is open I think of you!!

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